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Monitor your systems and services to ensure that they are always up and running. Receive notification when something fails.

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Our administration team can resolve any server related problem or task. Software setups and upgrades, security and perfomance audits, and much more.

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We can provide many additional features to your business like backups, clustering, third party scripts installation and others.

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We offer your all needed services for hosting. Cooperation with us leads you to really high-quality hosting and related services. In our assortment you can see such services as server 24x7 monitoring, server management, server support and other additional services like server or site migration, backups and recovery, different kinds of optimization, third party scripts installation, setup of clusters, Amazon Web Services implementation, consulting and DDoS mitigation.

Setting up and maintaining of servers include:
- installation and configuration of the server;
- installation of the OS and other software on the server;
- configuration of network protocols;
- firewall installation and configuration;
- the terminal server configuration;
- installation and configuration of antivirus protection;
- protecting the network from hacker attacks, theft of information;
- controling actions of users on the network, the definition of user rights.

Our company offers you the best decisions in the area of hosting and server support. Our team is very qualified and efficient. A skilled administrator is no less important than quality equipment and reliable software. Moreover, a good administrator, "squeezes" the maximum performance from hardware and software, helps smooth out their flaws, prevents crashes. We have namely such masters.

Server monitoring and server management at the proper level are our main tasks. We provide:
- installation of specific software for certain tasks;
- uninterrupted monitoring of the remote server and all services;
- updating, reconfiguring software, solving the problems with the work of different software;
- setting up the operating system (Linux, FreeBSD, Windows) for maximum performance, optimization of the service;
- testing server hardware, conducting stress tests;
- checking how well your server is protected and if it's necessary - improve safety;
- solving problems with hosting control panels;
- protection from spam and viruses (the appropriate software is installed on the client's request);
- setting up a backup;
- assistance in the reflection of DDoS attacks.

Server support is a guaranty: you haven't invested your money in the empty and useless thing. Even if the server is designed and created at the appropriate level, without a proper technical support and maintenance it is ineffective and just an empty waste of your money. Experts of our company cope with possible failures very fast and you do not need to hire an additional employee who won't have such experience in working with servers as our qualified system administrators.

All services are provided with the using of innovative modern technologies. Access to the server happens with the special software, on secure channels.

If you have some difficulties, you always may contact with the specialists of our company. We offer remote administration of servers. It is great opportunity to get rid of all problems arising in the process. Our company has very rich experience in establishing and setting up servers of any configuration. Our specialists always may help you in solving problems at each stage of development. In the implementation of server solutions our company offers you the most reasonably attractive offers.

With our services you will get administration, monitoring and updating the system software, administration of virtual server, support for storage, backing up, restoring the data, troubleshooting, organization of repair equipment or repair by engineers, planning and maintenance works to support and server maintenance. Each solution is individually customized to suit the requirements of the customer.

Contact us, if you want really quality and reliable hosting and additional server services. We propose you 14 days free trial and direct access to experts, 24x7 monitoring and everyday support. And do not forget: we take care of your servers and it is our main responsible task.