Server Management

Server administration & management is a complicated job that is composed of many activities. In broad sense, server support involves the following activities:

  • - Setting up a new server
  • - Administration and optimization of web servers (including nginx, apache, php etc);
  • - Administration of DNS servers like BIND, TinyDNS, PowerDNS;
  • - Email servers setup and tuning to take protection against malware and spam (Exim, postfix, momentum with clamav, kav, spamassassin etc);
  • - Setup and management of database servers;
  • - Setting up load balancing, cluster environment for the High-loaded projects;
  • - Security patches and fresh updates installation;
  • - Securing a server (security audits and measures, firewalls etc);
  • - Data recovery and backup solutions setup;
  • - 24×7 monitoring to ensure uninterrupted server operation ;
  • etc.

Our administrators rate is 25$/hour. Please create a ticket in our control panel if you need our services.

How Servecare team can help you achieve best performance and dependability of the servers?

We have a team of experts who are devoted to provide unmatched services regarding your server administration. We believe in a quality service and ensure our customer’s satisfaction. we follow some basic techniques that have been demonstrated in below lines.

Server Optimization

Our extensive experience in area of server administration showed that we should concentrate on optimizing software configuration to improve server performance. Our experts have the potential to deal with overloaded systems and servers. They know how to manage each server and how to carry out optimization for each project.

24×7 Server Monitoring

We provide 24×7 monitoring of servers to define possible problems and to take measures for prevention before approach of any problems. In short we work round the clock to ensure uninterrupted server operation. This helps to detect future problems that are going to happen and we take timely steps to overcome such problems before occurrence. We have instant notification system to update you as an owner about the latest happening of fault at you server.

Doing all custom procedures vigilantly and on time

We are punctual regarding execution of each task and ensure to execute every activity before time. Our team follows time based tasks to achieve efficiency and competence. Our professionals are here to help you any time; they are working round the clock to provide you the best quality services. Our administrators also try their best to keep you safe from any kind of complications and difficulties and if occur so then remove the hurdles as quickly as possible.

Security is our priority

We are regularly working on how to make the better security for our server. The server security management is one of the biggest strength that we can show to our customers. But still there are some issues you may have to face because of software bugs, DDoS, hacking attacks and others; we try our best to minimize all these risks.

Backup data management

The only way to ensure that you will not lose your data is to have a backup. So if you are neither keeping the backup nor maintaining the backup on regular basis then you have to face deep trouble and you are at a risk of losing the data any time.

Our company has the best solution for you in the area of server management and administration. If you need to work with servers in your job or business, and want to have really nice quality of all server services, we can help you and you addressed to the right company.

We offer you round the clock monitoring, backup data management, security quality, server optimization. Standard server administration includes the following work:

- general debugging server (setting the main configuration files,
- scripts, self-run services, recompiling the kernel);
- timely analysis reporting system to detect instability in server;
- control access rights to server resources;
- protection against DDoS attacks and protect servers from hacking;
- daily monitoring of servers and services;
- continuous data backup;
- install specialized software on the server of your choice;
- technical assistance and advice to users.

As a result, the server will be properly configured and protected. Possible faults in the equipment will be quickly detected and eliminated. If there is a critical situation, which resulted in the server will lose important information, the data will be returned with backup.

Administration of a server rather not an easy task as it may seem at first. All hardware and software on servers must be administered entirely by experts. It is better for you if you will have a professional server administrator. Our team has a lot of specialists of such area. If you decide to trust our experts to administer your server, it will be really good choice.

If you have dedicated hosting service, you also get a lot of benefits with it such as control, security and e-mail stability. But the main advantage is the high performance. Dedicated hosting has high price and it is used by websites with large traffic-size. So, it is important to have high quality work without interruption. We provide dedicated server management at the really worthy level. With our services you can be sure of the proper operation of all servers you have. In the range of services for the administration of dedicated servers include: guarantee time, technical support, upgrading the kernel, software upgrade, installing additional software, hour monitoring of the server, backup, support for control panel Cpanel/Plesk/DirectAdmin (if installed on the server control panel).

Services for remote administration received the widest distribution after the mass introduction of the activities of companies in the computer networks. The spread of the Internet makes it possible to administer servers remotely, which allows you to solve any problem in your company’s servers very quickly. Remote server administration – is one of the important parts of activities of the company. Also, we offer remote server management.

The most reasonable alternative to Windows on corporate server is Linux. Technical excellence and safety are two main reasons for choosing Linux. Many customers are asked to install Linux on the server. We also offer it. Our administrators have great knowledge of linux server management.

Benefits of our services for setting up and maintaining servers:
- reasonable prices for services (repair, configuration and server
- professionalism of qualified workers;
- wide range of services provided;
- vast experience in solving problems that have arisen;
- efficiency in dealing with clients’ requests;
- solving the problems of proven, guaranteed methods;
- innovation.

Care about you and your data is our main task. So, we are waiting for your appeal to our company and we promise to satisfy all your needs.